EMS MEKOROT PROJECTS is the result of the concentration of all the Mekorot operation units into one body, carried out within the company reorganization effected at Mekorot from 2005 to 2008. The objective of the reorganization was to consolidate all the Mekorot operation units into one multidisciplinary framework.


The five units that were consolidated are:


¨      EMS (Electromechanical Services) Ltd.


¨      construction equipment


¨      The three regional construction units (North, Center and South)



During the first stage, the employees worked at an “Operations Division” for a period of 3 years (2005 – 2008). The Operations Division was carefully observed during this period. The preliminary stage was successful and the Division became a Mekorot subsidiary - EMS Mekorot Projects Ltd. Consequently, all the know-how and experience were incorporated into a single body, which became a unique organization both in Israel and worldwide.


The foundations of EMS Mekorot Projects were laid by the pioneers who established the State of Israel. The know-how and experience came with the various waves of immigration: drillers came from Poland, builders from Germany, engineers who had survived the Holocaust and laborers from all over the Diaspora. Professional terminology have become a part of the terminology used by the Company’s employees to this very day. The Company’s history is interwoven with that of the State of Israel.  Although there have been changes in frameworks and titles, the vision of the Company remains the same, namely: executing all of the work without the need for foreign workers, from the drilling stage  until the water flows through the faucets.


The units were consolidated as part of the Company reorganization in 2008.


Historical recognization




Water borehole drilled in the Zvulun Valley





Establishment of Mekorot – Water Company Ltd.





Establishment of the Earthworks and Water Pipelines Execution Department (HME)


In 1956, became Mekorot Water – Development Works Company Ltd.



Commencement of experiments to enhance rainfall (by means of furnaces)





Arrival of the first mechanical equipment at HME





Establishment of the EMS Company


In 2008, became EMS Mekorot Projects Ltd.



The EMS Operations Department becomes a company: Mekorot Water – Development Works Company Ltd. (HME) 


230 items of machinery were put at the disposal of the Company with a total power output of 24,000 horsepower.

In 1973, became Mekorot Construction and Development Ltd.



Seconding the Drilling Department to HME.





Establishment of the Vered Company (WSD Overseas Water Source Development Ltd.)





EMS legally registered





Establishment of the rainfall enhancement division as part of EMS.





The Development Works Company converted into Mekorot Construction and Development Ltd.


The company was dissolved in 1988 within the framework of the reorganization.



Reorganization (closure of the Construction and Development company and the transfer of employees to the three regional units).


HME remained the national operating arm for civil works.



Structural change. Establishment of the Operating Division (a merger of the employees of EMS, HME and the three construction units).





The Operating Division converted into the company named EMS Mekorot Projects Ltd.




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