Amit Lang- C.E.O

Amit Lang- C.E.O (Enlarge)

Amit Lang, current position is C.E.O EMS MEKOROT PROJECTS LTD, a subsidiary of Israel's national water supply company "Mekorot".

Amit began his position in October 2018 after serving as Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Over the years, Amit has served in a variety of positions in the private sector and in governmental sector such as: Deputy CEO of Partner Communications,

Budget Deputy Director for the Director General- The Ministry of Finance- Budget Division,Head of Transportation sector-Budget Department-Ministry of Finance ,

Head of Internal and environment sector-Budget Department -Ministry of finance. 

Amit served as a director in several leading funds and companies in the Israeli market, among  them you can see:

BIRD fund, Israel Electric Corporation, Israel Airports Authority, Israel Natural Gas Lines, 012SMILE,Israel Water Authority and more.

Amit holds a BA in Economics and Management, a  Master's degree in Business Administration and a M.A. in Economics and Public Policy. 

Amit is married and has three children.

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