Complex Projects

Throughout its years of activity, EMS Mekorot Projects has been responsible for executing hundreds of diverse projects, including  single site projects as well as projects of vital national importance and all were successfully executed. Thanks to these projects, EMS Mekorot Projects has become Israel’s pioneer in the field of water engineering, and has accumulated a great deal of experience in creating both effluent and sewage water infrastructure and systems.


To date, EMS Mekorot Projects continues to fulfill this critical function in the Israeli water industry, alongside its overall business activities conducted in Israel and around the world. EMS Mekorot Projects has implemented challenging projects in terms of complexity and scope, to   providing solutions for the water crisis. EMS Mekorot Projects executed these projects with exceptional efficiency, demonstrating professional capabilities,   meeting   deadlines on time..

EMS Mekorot Projects offers a broad range of solutions for implementing various projects or integrating different systems.


The following are EMS Mekorot Projects’  main fields of activity :


Ø  Creating infrastructure and laying pipelines;


Ø  Shallow and deep water drilling;


Ø  Manufacture and installation of pumps and pumping equipment;


Ø  Design and establishment of facilities for filtering water and effluent;


Ø  Design and establishment of desalination and water treatment structures;


Ø  Design and establishment of sewage treatment plants;


Ø  Design and installation of cathodic protection systems;


Ø  Design and implementation of command and control systems and electrical systems;


Ø  Design and implementation of water facility monitoring and protection systems (water quality and security);


Ø  Rainfall enhancement (cloud seeding).



Infrastructure, Civil Engineering and Laying Pipeline

Over the years, EMS Mekorot Projects has executed hundreds of complex and large scale water infrastructure projects . The Company was responsible for implementing projects of national importance, such as the Fifth Jerusalem Pipeline system, connecting the Hadera, Sorek, Palmachim and Ashkelon desalination facilities to the National Water Carrier and many other projects.


The Company’s extensive experience   in executing infrastructure , civil engineering and pipeline projects is made available to its customers, helping the Company to deliver outstanding projects. The Company’s skills and expertise facilitate a broad range of activity in the field, including:


  • Laying water pipes and drain pipes up to a diameter of 108" (2.8 m.);


  • Infrastructure and concreting projects at pumping stations, at water treatment facilities and at sewage treatment facilities;


  • Constructing and renovating water pools;


  • Building reservoirs;


  • Installing floating covers for reservoirs.



Electrical Boards and Control Panels


As part of its total solution policy, EMS Mekorot Projects independently manufactures all the electrical boards and control panels for its facilities. This offers the customer the perfect synergy of the boards with the systems in which they are installed .


EMS’s activities in this field is certified by the Israel Standards Institute, which has authorized the Company as a factory producing Level 2 electrical boards and control panels, up to 3,150 Amps. This certification reflects the high quality of the boards manufactured by the Company and its compliance with stringent Israeli and international standards.


EMS Mekorot Projects’ services include not only the design and manufacture of electrical boards, but also the accompanying field work: Installation of the boards, laying the necessary cables and connecting   motors, sensors and other accessories to the electrical system.


Over the past few years, EMS has incorporated a control system using the Profibus method, in order to reduce the quantity of command cables at the facility. In this method, only one dual wire cable is laid from the control panel to all the instruments. The Profibus method reduces the financial costs of building the facility, increases the quantity of information transmitted and significantly reduces the number of malfunctions.


Furthermore, the Company offers maintenance, upgrade and repair of existing high voltage systems at water facilities and at various industrial facilities, such as pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, boreholes, etc.


The Electrical Engineering Section and the electrical board factory design and manufacture electrical boards in accordance with the 62439-2 standard. Constant quality control is carried out in accordance with the 62439-2 and ISO 9001 standards.




Electromechanical Services


EMS Mekorot Projects is at the forefront of Israeli technology in all matters related to the production, establishment and maintenance of water, drainage and effluent systems. The Company’s services are provided as systemwide solutions using the turnkey method, or individually, based on demand. The company provides consulting, design, production, construction, operating and maintenance services.


The EMS Mekorot Projects team of professionals includes dozens of expert engineers in the fields of chemistry, pipelines, command and control, machinery and electricity. The Company’s employees are divided into a number of professional teams, specializing in construction, maintenance and operations services for a broad range of facilities and systems, including: pumping stations, water pumps, water treatment facilities, fluoridation and chlorination facilities, desalination plants, sewage and effluent treatment plants, electro-dialysis facilities, electrical boards, command and control systems, cathodic protection systems and monitoring and protection systems for water facilities.



Quality Assurance


EMS Mekorot Projects hold a registered contractor’s license. Its activities are subject to Israeli and international standards, including Israeli Standards ISO 09001 : 2008 and ISO 18001, with regard to safety issues.










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