Water Treatment

In recent years, the demand for high quality water, compliant with the most stringent quality standards, has increased both in Israel and around the world. Consequently, water treatment is a main aspect of EMS Mekorot Projects’ activities.


The Company builds water treatment plants and offers related service to its customers in Israel and around the world . These facilities incorporate a comprehensive system of water treatment solutions, with a variety of water quality levels, to suit the needs of the customer. Some of the processes implemented in such a plant are: sedimentation, flocculation, filtering, absorption, purification using gaseous chlorine, hypochlorite and ultra violet light, fluoridation (liquid and solid), micron filtration, reverse osmosis and electro-dialysis.


EMS Mekorot Projects also creates micro-pollutants removal systems, as well as sampling and water quality monitoring rooms, based on the parameters required for ensuring maximum water quality.


Some of the water treatment facilities built by EMS are: The Sea of Galilee Water Treatment Facility for the supply of water toTiberias, including layered filtration, sand filtration under pressure and absorption using active charcoal; the Cabri Treatment Facility including gravitational layer filtering; the tertiary filtering facility for processing effluent from the town of Carmiel and gaseous chlorine purification plants (with a flow rate of up to 200 gr. of chlorine per hour) at the large National Water Carrier Pumping Facilities located at the Sapir and Tzalmon Stations.


In recent years, the use of UV technology for disinfecting water has become prevalent. This method facilitates the reduction of the the amount of chlorine added to the water and removes spores such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which are not neutralized by chlorine.


All the Company’s facilities feature leading edge of technology in all aspects: work methods, equipment and instrumentation, the structure materials and process control.


In order to maintain this advantage, EMS invests a great deal of resources in locating and implementing innovative technologies for improving the quality of the water.



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