Pump Testing Institute


In addition to its dedicated water pump manufacturing operation, EMS also operates the largest and leading pump testing institute of its kind in Israel. The institute has been in operation since 1957 and is accredited by the Standards Institute for testing vertical and underwater pumps, in accordance with international testing standards.


Each year, dozens of vertical pumps are tested at the EMS Pump Institute, using   the most advanced computer and command system in Israel. The Institute’s instruments and system enable the testing of pumps with flow output rates from 0 to 3,300 M^3/h and pressure testing of up to 70 bar. The Institute is in the midst of an upgrade and the range of pump testing capabilities is expected to expand to a maximum flow output rate of some 6,000 M^3/h during 2010


 Ems Mekorot Projects upgraded its pump testing institute. These days we can also perform hydraulic tests for a large array of horizontal pumps
 The new horizontal bench can run hydraulic tests up to 900 m3/h at 60 bar discharge pressure with 700 hp motor.

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