Borehole Drillings

Drilling a borehole is a complex task that incorporates a number of stages: Planning and drilling; manufacturing water pumps suited to the discharge rate required; manufacture, installation and wiring of all the electromechanical equipment;  EMS Mekorot Projects carries out such projects, from beginning to end, using a turnkey method.


EMS operates a drilling unit, whose drilling teams work day and night. The unit has many years of experience in various types of drilling throughout the country.


  • Shallow and deep boreholes up to 1,500 m. in depth.


  • Deep boreholes drilled using four dedicated rotary drilling rigs.


  • Shallow boreholes drilled using two dedicated reverse circulation drilling rigs.


Civil Engineering and Drilling


EMS Mekorot Projects is a leader in the field of water and effluent infrastructure. The Company’s customers are engaged in various sectors: Local Authorities, public companies and industrial factories, in Israel and around the world.


The Company has accumulated many years of experience in hundreds of successful projects.  These project include laying water and effluent pipelines, boreholes and construction of reservoirs, pools and water and sewage treatment plants.  Its complex engineering projects  must deal with various challenges, such as nature preservation, traversing rivers (overhead and underground transition), building overhead pipelines resting on special supports and horizontal drilling under roads.


Examples of such complex projects includethe traversing of Road 4 project in establishing the 90,000 cu. m. Hadera reservoir, laying a 100" diameter pipeline at the Holon interchange, transposing a pipeline at a railway level crossing (for the construction of a flyover) and transposing pipelines in preparation for improving Public Works Dept. infrastructure at the Ra’anana North interchange.



EMS Mekorot Projects is currently carrying out a project of diverting a pipeline for Israel Railways, prior to laying the railway line from Ashkelon to Sderot.



Quality Assurance


EMS Mekorot Projects employs professional teams and senior experts in the field of civil engineering and pipelines. The Company holds a registered contractors license and operates pursuant to quality standards including Israeli Standards ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO 18001 for safety matters.

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