Water Meter Testing Institute

The Water Meter Testing Institute at EMS Mekorot Projects was established in 1962 and conducts the extensive refurbishment, calibration, inspection and arbitration of water meters.


Over the past few years, the Testing Institute has been upgraded and currently all testing is conducted using automated computerized systems based on advanced technology.


The development is the result of the intensive work conducted by the Institute’s staff in conjunction with various EMS units (Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Command and Control).


The Water Meter Testing Institute is licensed by the Water Authority and accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for testing velocity based and multi-flow water meters of diameters from ½" - 12" (Accreditation Certificate No. 220-02).


In 2013, the Institute was upgraded and significant resources were invested to improve the technology in two main fields:


¨      Increasing the range of discharge rates for velocity based water meters (up to 800 cu. m. per hour), the highest existing discharge rates for testing in Israel.


¨      Adapting the tests to test Octave type water meters (ultra sonic)


EMS recently completed a national project in conjunction with the Water Authority to upgrade water meters owned by private manufacturers. The project included the refurbishment and installation of 1,500 water meters with remote reading capabilities, of various diameters nationwide.


During the course of the year, work on thousands of meters is executed for water
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